Remarkable Rum Beard Oil


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      Remarkable Rum Beard Oil is a rugged, manly scent of rum, spice and berries. It's a pirate party in a bottle! You'll smell like you just stepped off a cruise ship into the caribbean! 
      Made from Bay Rum this scent is rugged, invigorating with just the right amount of spice. Bay Rum was originally found in St. Thomas and made from rum and the berries/ leaves of the West Indian bay tree, Pimenta racemosa. Use with Remarkable Rum Beard Balm. 
      Beard oil is made to keep the skin under your beard moisturized and healthy. Healthy skin makes for a healthy beard. Remarkable Rum Beard Oil moisturizes your skin, conditions your beard and promotes beard growth while making your beard itch free, soft and easily combed. Oh, and you'll smell great too!

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